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Photo: Miriam Berkley

From the award-winning University of New Mexico Press

Because nothing says America louder than a gun

Avoid the noise. Sit still. Think. Spend some quiet time with firearms—the ultimate American tool and technology.


Although political dissension seems to have made these objects almost undiscussable, Lock & Load sees them from a different perspective. 


Look here for significance, not surface. For thoughtfulness, not rant. And of course, as always with American guns, for nonstop action. 


Lock & Load gathers superb work by contemporary American writers, stories as timely as this week's headlines, as exciting as any movie, and as thought-provoking as American history. 


When you finish, you’ll see the questions more clearly, and the situations that frame them. You'll have reached your own conclusions, formed your own ideas:

conclusions and ideas to discuss.


We have to talk. Because we disagree.

Literature gives us words. Stories give us ways.