“The Shield of the Norns”

Then down we skidded. The interstate vanished, and there was Wayne’s girlfriend at the gate, a grown woman who looked like a child.
The Berserker swung us so hard and high against the cloud-roof that Wayne and I could count the people with regular jobs snailing home on I-95. The rollercoasters and the waterpark spread below us like a kingdom, while the ever-glowing drowned below the world’s edge and dimmed the lovely roof.

Behind him, flashy in red Hong Kong sharkskin, loomed Staretz, Yacovlev, and Rodchenko. The custom suits couldn't contain the bulky bulges that made them all stand so awkwardly.
Chosen by The Iowa Review
Nat Tate was unreal. Hart Crane was real. The story is a fiction on a fiction, the brushy vital verge between fact and dream.
Chosen for this delicious anthology, "A Period of Silence" examines time’s meaning in a marriage.
Winner, STYLE Fiction Prize
The Georgia Review, fall 2009

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